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Ultimate Healing Through Nutrition

The MFT Procedure includes the following steps:

The M-field is first “measured” or “quantified” to give the practitioner an objective assessment of the energy output of the individual being tested.  If the M-field is very “small” (less than 1 foot), it can be assumed that the patient has some significant nutritional issues.  The “goal” of running the testing procedure is to determine which specific nutritional interventions (dietary changes or supplementation) are needed to increase the size of the M-field.  After noting the initial M-field measurement, we move to the actual testing using the MFT Test Kits.

There are three test kits used in the MFT Basic Procedure.  For ease of use, they are color-coded.  The colors (red, white and blue) are tested in that order.  The red kit represents energy of things that all cells need to be healthy.  We call this the “Foundational Kit”, because it represents the foundations of health.  The white kit represents the energy of cellular nucleic proteins (both normal and aberrant).  This is our “Morphogenic Protein Kit”.  The blue kit represents energies of known cellular stressors, things that are harmful or toxic to the cells.  We have named this the “Immune/Autotoxemia Kit”.

Essentially, the reasoning behind this concept is simple:  One kit respresents the “cells” of the body, one kit represents things all cells need to be healthy (nutrients), one kit represents things that stop cells from being healthy (toxicity).

We start by testing the “Foundations” (red kit) to find simple nutritional deficiencies that all cells share.  Next we test to see if “specific cells” (white kit) have nutritional challenges.  Then we test to see if there are any toxic “blockages” to the healing process (blue kit).

When all three kits have been tested, the next step is to make sure that the fatty acids are “balanced” at the cellular level.  This is done using our unique “Fatty Acid Balancing” procedure.

The final step in the MFT Basic Procedure is the remeasurement of the M-field.  With all of the nutrients available “in the field”, you will demonstrate to the patient how their energy field has “grown”.  (A reasonable expectation is an ultimate M-field of 5-7 feet.)  It is a very simple, yet effective, tool to manage the patient’s expectations for health improvement.

Once the technique is mastered, the entire procedure takes less than five minutes to perform.  It can fit easily into the busy practice of any practitioner who wishes to implement whole food nutrition into their healing programs.

At the MFT basic seminar, the practitioner learns how to perform this procedure in its proper order.  They also learn about the science behind the M-field, how to make energy “real” to their patients and how to use Standard Process whole food supplements to accomplish greatly improved healing responses in their most difficult nutritional cases.

The “expanded” M-field is the key to improved energy, healing and patient management.  Explained properly, the patients will “get it”. Your entire practice will benefit with increased referrals and decreased stress.  It is a very rewarding way to way to practice nutritional healing.

We receive frequent questions regarding the nature of the MFT Test Kits.  They contain many forms of virtual energies that create a muscle response when introduced to the M-Field in a structured way.  The virtual energy “creations” in the individual MFT Test Kit vials where first “conceived” by the MFT co-developers, Frank Springob, DC and Autumn Smith, NTP.  They were then “constructed” by Nick Lamothe, PhD, a well-known supplier of these energy vials.  We asked Dr. Lamothe for a brief explanation of the process that allows us to achieve the great results we have come to expect from the MFT Procedure:

” The virtual energies in the MFT test kits elicit a direct response from the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) through the interaction with the M-Field.  Although it is not hard-wired like the actual nerves, the M-Field can be considered an electromagnetic extention of the ANS.  As such, it reacts through the known channels of afferent and efferent communication to the spindle apparatus of the locked muscle being tested.

The testing samples are acquired from a computer generated bioenergetic signature transfer protocol.  This technology is very similar to the science of video recording, which can capture the exact image, sound, and movement on a digital medium.  Just as you can reproduce a virtual theatrical experience on video, the MFT test vials are virtual reproductions of the energy signatures of real objects.  The bioenergetic transferring process reproduces the electromagnetic resonance of whatever molecular structure you wish to copy.

When the M-Field is exposed to appropriate samples, they are perceived in the somatosensory cortex of the brain.  In other words, the test kits samples are electronic copies that represent stimuli that the brain can reference and then respond to as if they are real substances.  In clinical practice, the practitioner can observe the effect of the muscle response as these energy signatures are introduced to the body’s natural energetic field.  This is how you gather “nutritional information” using the MFT testing procedure.

The discovery of this technology and layering of these energies improves the effectiveness of the communication with the M-field.  It clearly demonstrates the ability of the ANS can perceive and then respond to substances within the body’s energy field.”


About the “M-Field”

The Morphogenic Field is a term we use to describe the field of energy around the body.  It is an extension of the electrical energy of the nervous system.  Just as all electrical systems have electro-magnetic fields that surround them, the brain is an electrical generator with its own field of energy that extends away from the physical body.  Many cultures and disciplines recognize this field and give it other names.  When people discuss auras, chakras, life force or chi, they are possibly talking about this same energy field.

We chose this name for our nutritional and energetic healing technique for a number of reasons.  The word can be broken down into “morph”, meaning “to change” and “genic” meaning ‘to originate”.  This is our exact goal in dealing with any health issue—to use these energy fields to “originate change” in the patient’s health status.  This is accomplished by supplying the nutrients needed to feed the body at the cellular level.

Our name is similar to the word “morphogenetic” as discussed in Dr. Royal Lee’s groundbreaking manual, “An Introduction to Protomorphology”.  Dr. Lee described the protomorphogen (PMG) as “that component of the cell chromosome that is responsible for morphogenetic determination of cell characteristics.  It is the smallest unit of the cell blueprint assembly.”  Protomorphology is an important component of Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT).

In our procedure, we rely heavily on information from the energy field of the cell to guide us in developing nutrtional protocols for the individual patient.

Morphogenic Field Technique co-developers, Frank Springob, DC and Autumn Smith, NTP, with the assistance of Nick Lamothe, PhD, assembled the virtual energies of many of the nucleic proteins found in the cells of the body.
These energies represented both “normal energies” and “abnormal energies”.  This was done in an attempt to “ramp-up” or “amplify” the energy required to communicate with the M-Field.

Cellular communication is the ultimate goal.  When we address the exact nutritional needs at the cell level, we affect the greatest change in health.  After all, healthy cells are required for healthy tissues.  Healthy tissues are required for healthy organs.  Healthy organs should then result in a healthy organism.

Three years ago, when we first used this new procedure to assist us in our quest for improved nutritional healing, we were not prepared for the magnitude of the “enhanced information” that was now available.  Effective new nutritional protocols were discovered on an almost daily basis in our Wellness Center.

This encouraged us to move forward and to experiment further with the concept of “layering” the virtual energies.  As we progressed, we found a way to measure (quantify) the boundaries of the Morphogenic Field.  This allowed us to find “combinations” of energies that created larger fields.  We are able to demonstrate the M-Field to the patients and they watch their field “grow” and “balance” with each improvement in their nutritional protocol.

We have come to believe that the new “larger” symetrical energy field reflects the accuracy of the recommended nutritional supplements and dietary changes.  Additionally, we have found that the patient that experiences the greatest “growth” of the field during the testing procedure can usually look forward to the most rapid improvement in their symptomatic picture.

For at video demonstration of the MFT Testing Procedure, click here:

The mission of explaining the importance of proper whole food nutrition to overall health becomes an easy communication using MFT.   A patient’s level of compliance and interest in the “details” of nutrition often follow the revelation that nutrition actually DOES have a positive effect on how you feel!  This makes for a stressless practice.

Our ultimate goal is to share our new gift with like-minded health care providers.  We feel that if we can teach these procedures to more practitioners, using easy-to-implement steps and “amplified” energies, the benefit to the public will be tremendous.  We plan to provide the tools and the knowledge to all practitioners who attend our seminars—if they are willing to commit to this lofty goal.