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Ultimate Healing Through Nutrition

“Valerie is a highly intelligent, compassionate woman who has a genuine passion for helping her clients achieve optimum health.  Her intuition awareness coupled with her extensive knowledge and excellent communication skills make her an outstanding ally in helping me regain my health.  Her skilled method of testing the body, her ability to understand the results and then recommend the proper nutrition to help restore homeostasis to the body is a pleasure to witness.  Valerie’s natural enthusiasm encourages me, thereby motivating me to continue in my sometimes not-so-pleasant journey in self healing.  Her no nonsense, direct, genuine concern and remarkable skill have helped me not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.  In the two months I have seen Valerie I have let go of 10 pounds! Valerie is helping me heal and change my life and for that I am truly grateful.”

–Marie K.


Hi Valerie:

I want to send my thanks to you and encourage anybody considering coming to see you to make the appointment and go.

I came down with ulcerative colitis in August of 2009, a pretty severe case by the doctors admission and the disease progressed with a weight loss of over 60 pounds until I was finally admitted to the hospital and spent 10 days undergoing fairly serious treatment. I was discharged with a hand full of prescriptions and the instructions to ” eat what ever I wanted”.

3 months of taking prescriptions, being in pain, no weight gain and the suggestion by the MD that we move to a chemotherapy type drug general and my general poor health brought me to your practice in early January 2010.

I stopped taking all the medical prescriptions and followed your nutritional and general well being program, and started to see immediate improvements. With your guidance and adjustments to my nutritional program and diet, I have now gained 12 pounds and eliminated the majority of the pain in my digestive tract. I have been able to return to working half time after not working for the last 7 months.

I will be continuing to follow your program since I have seen such improvements to my health after conventional medicine failed me.

I would be more than happy to talk to anyone considering your guidance to improved health.

Thanks again,

Dale Wiley


I have been coming to Valerie for close to a year and I keep learning new ways to improve my health.  I appreciate Valerie’s no-nonsense, direct approach.  If I need to eat better to improve my health, Valerie tells me like it is.  This saves me time and money.  I also appreciate that Valerie is always looking to learn more.  She is constantly studying new research and attending seminars.  She is not the type of practitioner to believe that she knows it all.  Valerie has been very supportive and concerned  about my well being and I have recommended her to many people I know.

Thanks Valerie!

Aaron W.